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  • so quiet

    zineeee/// zineeeezine.mex zineeee/// This is the end of the book. I’ll always be a great supporter of the Foreign Legion. The last refuge of the Doomed. Reality! You see, all of my peers, in joining the armynavyairforcemarines, are in the whole mess mainly for the college dough. Lunacy! Learning to kill and maim should be […]

  • soundly on both ears

    zineeee/// zineeeezine.mex zineeee/// WHAT HAPPENED? He was not very studious or obedient as a child. He thought he was horrid, wrong, alienated, from a different planet, all that shit. Also, he loathed and despised pretentious people with viral passion. What does that mean? I thought you knew! How can you be against them if you […]

  • predictable events

    zineeeezine.mex zineeee/// Three titles of three sound-related shows just opened or about to open: Sound of Music – FRAC Nord Pas de Calais Silenzio – Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Garde le silence, le silence te gardera – Marta Herford Museum … isn’t about time curators used a bit more imagination in their titles and in […]

  • how high

    zineeeezine.mex zineeee/// a discarded riff galloping in the backyard remembers me how high is low art(-) when put through the walls zineeee/// zineeeeMarcelo Aguirre

  • the lousy knock

    zineeeezine.mex zineeee/// His hands were exceedingly cold as they carried him into the office. There was a teacher at either arm, and one cradling his ankles. It seemed like Jesus christ and his big big cross. Forgot to capitulise. Blasphemy. Yet, you really don’t consider Capital Letters in death, or even apostrophe, for that matter. […]

  • Lo-fi

    zineeeezine.mex zineeee/// Definitively, best of this year was to get an increasing amount of free stuff through the net with reduced (sound/image/pixel/writing/ you name it) quality, to such an extent, that many an obsessive stopped complaining about that. Lo-fi is back like a cassette “virgin” from Constutición’s markets in Buenos Aires early nineties, where the […]

  • imagine

    zineeeezine.mex zineeee/// In an acoustically active environment, neither silent nor loud: listen. – Imagine all the sounds you hear being present at the same time. Being present for the imagination and being impossible to perceive for the ear. zineeee/// zineeeeVolker Straebel

  • too early yet

    zineeeezine.mex zineeee/// PLAYBOY Have you ever had any intimate relationships with animals, for example? FAMOUS AUTHOR AFTER PROFITABLE BOOK TOUR Did you know that Capucine jumped eight stories to her death, perhaps partly due to accusations that she was a transsexual? Naturally, it wasn’t only that. But still…the question you must now ask is “Did […]

  • early, or late

    zineeeezine.mex zineeee/// Now, go sleep early, or late, birds do orchestras in disguise, duos, quartets, chromatic scales, chat between themselves, imitate others, whistle, and so they filter in our sleep both subliminal and inevitably. Bad sleep well. zineeee/// zineeeeMarcelo Aguirre

  • order

    zineeeezine.mex zineeee/// In an acoustically active environment, neither silent nor loud: listen. – Imagine the sounds you hear in a different order. How does the order change the way you experience the single sounds? Which category you choose the determine the order? Increase, decrease or constant change of dynamics, liveliness, beauty? zineeee/// zineeeeVolker Straebel

  • tex mex happ

    zineeeezine.mex zineeee/// tex mex happens nix jetx wan denn keks schmex lieber frische chili con fisch? zineeee/// zineeeeMarcelo Aguirre

  • memory, a sound

    zineeeezine.mex zineeee/// In a silent environment: imagine a sound. How did you do it? Did you create a sound by imagination or did you reproduce a sound from your memory, a sound you’ve had heard before? zineeee/// zineeeeVolker Straebel